Russets win season opener at home

SHELLEY – Shelley boys basketball started the season with a big win last night over the Sugar-Salem Diggers.

The Russets opened the season at the cellar playing a non-conference game against 3A Sugar-Salem.  The Diggers used to be a major rival to the Russet when they were 3A, but last night’s game was not like games in the past.

Shelley dominated the diggers, beating them 50 to 33. (Watch game.)

The Russets came out strong and took a 10 to 3 point lead at the end of the first quarter.  Shelley’s man-to-man defense held the diggers to three free-throw shots from the line during the first period. 

The Russets poured it on in the second quarter with 3 pointers coming from Alex Lott, Nate Nelson, Cannon Vance, and Peyton Maynard.  Becker Williams and Canyon Allphin added twos within the paint.  At the same time, the Russet’s defensive coverage denied the Diggers any 3-point shots. 

At the half, the Russets lead 31 to 13. 

Sugar-Salem came out riled up to play in the third quarter, outscoring the Russets 14 to 9.  The Russets committed a number of turnovers that helped the Diggers.  They struggled against the Diggers’ full-court press. 

But, the Russets were too strong on defense and scoring to allow the Diggers to close the gap.  In the third quarter, Vance hit one 3-pointer, while in the fourth quarter, Devin Maldonado hit two out of his three 3-point shot attempts lifting the Russets over the Diggers. 

Cannon Vance led the Russet in scoring with 15 points, while T. Pinnock scored 10 points for the Diggers.  The Diggers made no 3-point shots during the game.  

Shelley boys next play the Idaho Falls Tigers at home this coming Friday, December 3, at 7:30 p.m.

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