Possible gas leak at high school has people concerned

SHELLEY – Shelley High School’s janitorial staff is currently looking into a possible gas leak at the high school.

The smell of natural gas has sickened some school patrons and concerned others who have visited the high school and the adjacent L.D.S. Seminary building in recent days. Even a local residence called Intermountain Gas to investigate the smell.

“We have contacted the gas company and the fire department to investigate the source of the smell. But their monitors have picked up nothing,” Shelley High Principal Burke Davis said.

This morning, the school hired Rocky Mountain Boiler to come look that their gas regulator on the outside of the building. They’re currently looking at that unit to see if it has a small leak.

“The smell kind of ebbs and flows with the wind and weather,” Davis said.

Presently, the school is actively looking for the source of the smell. Community Pioneer will update this story as additional information becomes available.

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