Searching for Easter eggs and finding Christ

Op-Ed from the presidency of the Firth Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

As a little boy, I remember visiting my grandfather’s ranch in the Pahsimeroi Valley near Challis, Idaho every Easter season. Our family and others would go up into a nearby canyon and celebrate Easter by hiding Easter eggs and baskets, only to find them and enjoy all the fun around a campfire. I always wondered what this had to do with Easter and how it related to the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. The Savior’s body was brutally crucified and then placed in a stone tomb. After three days, the tomb was empty. The Lord of Lords and King of Kings, even Jesus Christ, overcame death and rose again.

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Oh, how my brothers and sisters and I looked forward with anticipation of where those Easter baskets were going to be hidden. We found ourselves searching for that joy every year. Later the lesson was taught and accepted that when we search for the message of hope and the“good news†found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we find a lasting peace and happiness that becomes a source of hope and a rudder in a world where storms are raging and peace is a priceless commodity.

Each of God’s children deserves the opportunity to hear and accept the healing, redeeming message of Jesus Christ. No other message is more vital to our happiness -now and forever. No other message is more filled with hope. No other message can eliminate contention in our society. May we all come together in this message. May we look past the differences we have in our society and find ourselves as brothers and sisters of our Savior and partake of his offering. May we all find the easter basket of joy in the “Good News†– The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter From Firth Stake Presidency.

President Boedre Reynolds
First Counselor Todd Killpack
Second Counselor BJ Driscoll

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