SHELLEY: Find out what others have discovered; Bill Watts is helping to unite and build Firth and Shelley’s business commerce.

In September, Bill Watts came to work for Community Pioneer.  His goal is to unite & build Shelley & Firth’s commerce, Meaning why not buy local and support each other? Bill set out to find all of the businesses in Shelley & Firth, and so far, he has found over 500 businesses.

Recently the Corner Cup visited with Bill.  Jessica wanted to offer more than beverages, Bill connected her with Mick’s and Broulims, who warmly welcomed helping Jessica build her business.

That is what this is all about, helping one another.

The business list will be available early next year, in the meanwhile, feel free to reach out to the Community Pioneer on FB or by phone (208-589-4625) and see who is local that can help you save money.

With the rising cost of gasoline going up and hyperinflation continuing to skyrocket combined with the shortages, we need to stick together.

The Community Pioneer has also restructured its advertising program.  Bill will contact you with a program that guarantees you 10 New Customers every month.  That extra revenue can pay for your monthly advertising, meaning no out-of-pocket cost.

Now you can get the Branding Exposure you need to survive and get a huge ROI with 10 guaranteed monthly customers.

If you don’t see Bill in the next couple of weeks, Reach out to him @ 208-589-4625 or

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