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North End Recreation District narrowly passes - Community Pioneer

North End Recreation District narrowly passes

SHELLEY:  The people within the Shelley School Districted voted to create a Recreation District in yesterday’s general election.

According to the Bingham County’s Elections page, the results were 1,309 in favor of the recreation district and 1,293 against the recreation district. The measure passed by 16 votes. Eight votes above the majority.

The newly created district will reflect the Shelley School District’s boundaries within the Bingham County area. It does not include the part of the school district within Bonneville County.

“We are so excited that it passed. The next step is for the county commissioners to create a board. The statute allows for three members on the board. We hope to expand that number between five and seven members,” Rori Christensen, one of the chairpeople, who worked to get the measure on the ballot.

During the first year of the recreation district, newly appointed board members will work to put together an objective plan for the district. One of the plans is to provide water for the newly acquired North Bingham County Historical Park.

“I am excited that the recreation district passed. It gives the greater Shelley area the opportunity for more recreational programs with grants and donations that the city didn’t have access to,” Shelley Mayor Stacey Pascoe said. “The recreation district will consist of board members from all over the county, including the city; they will be the ones that will represent our community.

The recreation district won’t receive any funds for the first year from taxes. However,  they can work on grants and transition into maintaining the parks and other recreational areas.

“But in the long run, it will benefit our whole community,” Pascoe said. “I want to thank the people who were instrumental in getting this passed. They put forth a lot of time and effort to help people understand what this means for our community.”

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