Firth students making and selling Christmas wreaths

FIRTH — Need a wreath for the holidays? Check out what these students made.

A group of Firth High School students designed and built Christmas wreaths for one of their classes. Each wreath is unique and available for purchase.

“We’re just preparing kids to go into the floriculture field. And best way to prepare them is getting that hands-on experience and get them building, arrangements and boutonnieres and corsages,” Firth High School Ag Science and Technology teacher Jason Clements said.

Clements said the Agriculture/FFA Floral class started last school year and was a big success. By selling the items the students make in the class, the school can afford the materials needed to keep it going.

“Like most of our classes, like our welding classes and our greenhouse class, those cost a lot of money,” Clements explained. “so if we can sell those back to the public at a discounted rate, then it gives the kids that hands on experience. But we’re still trying to break even on our supplies.”

He said the hope is the class will become part of the community where people can call and order items.

“We’d like to, as we get older students that stay in the program and can do those things, and take it over on their own, and just work it out of the school, then that’s where we’d like to head,” Clements said.

Wreaths can be purchased through the Firth High School Agriculture Department by emailing Clements at The wreaths cost $20 each.

“The kids take a lot of ownership in (the wreaths),” Clements said. “They’re taking pride in them, and it’s neat to see.”

Mike Price

Mike Price is an award winning journalist from Shelley. He is now one of the founding members and Editor-in-Chief of the Community Pioneer.

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