Dale Killpack obituary
Nalders Funeral Home obituaries FIRTH – Dale Jay Killpack, 80, of Firth, died September 22, 2022, at his home from cancer. He was born August 9, 1942 in Idaho Falls, to Ellis Killpack and Hazel Elnora Peterson Killpack. When Dale was four years old the family moved from Osgood to Kimball …
Op-Ed: The sewer district will be beneficial to all affected
On May 17, in addition to candidate primaries, the ballot will also have an important question for some Ammon and Shelley residents: "Shall the Eastern Idaho Regional Sewer District be organized?"
Op-Ed: Is Anything Real Anymore? By Ed Humphreys
"Who needs debates in a time where 30-second advertisements funded by multinational corporations will suffice? Yes, it’s true, the Governor and Lt. Governor refused to participate in the debates."
Searching for Easter eggs and finding Christ
An Easter message from the presidency of the Firth Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Easter: An important time to remember
There would be a time when a King came to save a multi-ethnic people from their sins because of God's great love for them. Easter is the celebration of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.
Bullied, why me?
A week doesn't go by where a person on Facebook complains their child has been bullied. I see on Twitter or Instagram that somebody is forced to quit a job or abandon a college course because of bullying by a superior or professor.
Opinion: Adding a shot clock to high school basketball
 Since I've started reporting on High school basketball for Community Pioneer, I once again ask, why doesn't high school basketball have a 30-second shot clock?   The 30-second shot clock is the time required for a team on offense, once crossing the half-court line to shoot a shot before losing the …
Rep Julianne Young: On Mandates, Castles, and Constitutionally-protected Liberty Interests
Even as vaccine mandates continue to be slapped down by one court after another, employers and employees struggle with gut-wrenching decisions that cut to the core of our most fundamental beliefs and needs as Americans.
Winning the argument and losing the war
Sometimes you can win the argument and lose the war. This is the direction the enforcement of the ‘10 person rule’ at athletic events is headed. People may comply, but the picture of empty gymnasiums built for hundreds or thousands is making a bitter and permanent impression on student athletes and …
The light of Christmas
Would it be Christmas without lights? We decorate our trees and our houses with lights, and yes, maybe even fences and farm tractors! After sunset we tour neighborhoods admiring the brilliant colors, the soft glows, and festive scenes festooned with lights.

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