Community History

Shelley losing historical church
At the end of June, a place of worship will pass into history as the Shelley Community United Methodist Church closes down.
Horse doctor up in smoke: The curious account of the founder of Shelley’s first newspaper
The Shelley Pioneer, Shelley’s newspaper for over 100 years, first graced our avenues and streets back in 1906. But the scarcity of records from those days means that the paper's origins are still uncertain.
Two fires that defined Shelley’s historic past
wo Shelley Junior High Schools burned to the ground 26 years apart. Yet, the circumstances surrounding their demise would make one think both fires were intentionally set. However, a closer look tells the real story.
An expression of love remembered, then destroyed
As a sophomore, he had scrawled on the back edge of one of the bleachers, "Mike Loves Debbie." Debbie was his girlfriend at the time and has now been his wife for many years.
10 years ago in Shelley history: “The last straw” by Orma Barker
Ten years ago in the February 1, 2001 edition of the Shelley Pioneer, Orma Barker's letter to the editor titled "The last straw" appeared in the paper.
Jameston – Taylor Ward History by Marie Manwaring Anderson Nov. 1989
In November 1989, Marie Manwaring Anderson (1913-2002) wrote the histories of the Jameston and Taylor congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The history spans from 1834 to 1987 She also included brief histories of various families in the Jameston and Taylor areas.
Fires and moonshiners and dynamite, oh my!
This small town, nestled between Idaho Falls and Blackfoot, is a quiet place where old-timers grab a cup of coffee and a slice of pie at Mick's Home Cooking every morning and everyone religiously roots for the Shelley High School Russets. But buried deep in the local library’s attic you’ll find hidden tales of a dark past.
Historical View of Main Street in Firth and Shelley
SHELLEY / FIRTH — Community Pioneer presents a historical view of both Firth and Shelley's Main Streets. As Community Pioneer works to gather historical photos and documents for the region's history, readers are encouraged to share their local photos and family histories. Please send them to Firth Main Street – 1920 Firth Main Street circa 1920 is from the eMike Fritz Collection Shelley's State Street – 1898 Shelley's State Street – 1910 Shelley's State …
This week in Shelley history: Lafayette “Lafe” Hampton
In the fall of 1914, Lafe was serving as a village marshal for the young city of Shelley. Lafe, a strapping 28-year-old, had a wife and two children. His wife was soon to become a widow. His children, fatherless.

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