20 years later: What we remember from 9/11
We promised never to forget. But now, 20 years later, what do we still remember from September 11, 2001?
Avoiding conflict between my appointment to the City Council and Community Pioneer
Last evening, I was appointed by Mayor Pascoe back onto the city council to fill the vacated seat left by Earl Beattie.
Shelley Police Log: July 28 – Aug. 4
The following are most of the incidents reported and responded to by the Shelley Police Department between July 28 – Aug. 8.
Arena bleachers get a patriotic paint job
Volunteers are giving the bleachers at the North Bingham County Park arena a facelift.
It’s not too late to get your garden in
OPINIONWritten by Candice Christensen with Ace Hardware of Shelley Spring comes with some lofty ambitions and goals that we tend to make as we emerge from the cold of winter. However, some of those plans never make it to fruition. We may have had the very best of intentions this …
Shelley losing historical church
At the end of June, a place of worship will pass into history as the Shelley Community United Methodist Church closes down.
What to plant this time of year
Most of us have been itching to get plants in the ground from the moment those seed catalogs arrived in our mailboxes. Living in zone 5 means that for most of us, patience is required.
Community orchestra holding first concert since former director passed away
The Community Orchestra at Firth is back for their first concert of the year.
Local artist making beautiful things
Within a year of moving to the Shelley area, Zoie Harker started giving back to the community with her amazing artistic talent.
Shelley Supporters of the Arts gives grant to artist who painted murals in the Museum of Idaho
Many people are familiar with Steve Spencer's artwork even if they don’t know it. His beautiful landscape murals adorn the walls of the Children's Discovery Room in the Museum of Idaho.
Local sculptor and art teacher chosen to sculpt goddess
Far from her homeland, the mythical goddess will have a new likeness of her in Florida, sculpted by the talented hands of one of Shelley's very own, Daniel Borup.
New information regarding the article on Anita’s Gifts and Café leads to its retraction
New information regarding the article written about Anita's Gifts and Café has lead Community Pioneer to retract the article.
Local couples share their love stories for Valentine’s Day
LOCAL COMMUNITY – Four local couples share their love stories for Valentine's Day. Kent and Carolee Carlson – Shelley, Shelley Police Chief Rod Mohler & his wife Shawn – Shelley, LDS Firth Stake President Boedre Reynolds & his wife Heather – Firth, and Jack & Della Stewart – Shelley give …
An expression of love remembered, then destroyed
As a sophomore, he had scrawled on the back edge of one of the bleachers, "Mike Loves Debbie." Debbie was his girlfriend at the time and has now been his wife for many years.
These locals teach you their methods for cooking the perfect steak
Heber goes old school by searing the steak in a hot cast iron pan then finishing it to the perfect temperature in the oven. Nick, however, prefers the conveniences of modern technology in the form of a sous vide machine.
Shelley Supporters of the Arts announces winners of gingerbread building contest
It is the Shelley Supporters of the Arts proud pleasure to announce the winners of the gingerbread building contest we sponsored in December.
Local woman vows to make friend’s dream come true
Longtime Firth resident Deena Surerus, who recently moved to Shelley, has seen miracles happen.
Tell us what you think The Boom is
It's loud. It happens almost once a week. Some have heard it, some haven't. Everyone has a theory. It is time we got to the bottom of this. What is The Boom?
Shelley couple giving back to the community
One couple always helping in our community is Ross and Cheryl Foster. They moved to Shelley about 18 years ago and raised their five children here.
This lovely lady loves a pretty little bird
In the middle of winter, most people aren't thinking about hummingbirds, unless you're Marjorie Killian, then you are always thinking about hummingbirds.

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