Man arrested after hitting sheriff’s deputy and ramming patrol vehicles

FORT HALL — Deputies arrested a Fort Hall man after he reportedly tried to flee law enforcement, injuring a deputy and possibly injuring a Fort Hall police officer, and ramming his car into patrol vehicles.

According to a news release from the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office, around 2 a.m. a Bingham County deputy was patrolling on Highway 91 by Sage Hill when he saw a white car pass him without any front or rear license plates. The deputy turned around and stopped the vehicle.

While the deputy was talking to the female driver, a Fort Hall police officer arrived and began talking to the passenger. The passenger was identified as 26-year-old Tymber Pongah.

The Bingham County deputy asked the female driver to step out of the vehicle. As she exited the vehicle, Pongah moved to the driver’s seat. Pongah spead away while the deputie and the officer were trying to stop him.

“My understanding is the Fort Hall officer was dragged (by the vehicle). Our officer was actually hit by the vehicle,” Bingham County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Gardner said.

Deputies gave chase but were forced to deploy road spikes twice, before Pongah’s car finally stopped.

Deputies boxed Pongah’s vehicle in but Pongah began to ram the Bingham County vehicles with his car. A deputy exited his patrol vehicle and approached Pongah’s vehicle. At that time, Pongah pointed his vehicle at the walking deputy and drove at him. e

According to the news release, the deputy feared for his life and drew his weapon firing once striking Pongah. Pongah stopped after being struck and deputies took him into custody. The ambulance transported Pongah to Portneuf Medical Center to receive treatment for his injuries that were not life-threatening.

At about 3 a.m., Pongah was released to the Bingham County jail and is charged with Aggravated Battery Upon Certain Personnel, Aggravated Assault Upon Certain Personnel, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Peace Officer, Resisting or Obstructing Justice, and Injury to Children.

Gardner said the deputy who was hit was treated and released. Community Pioneer has reached out to the Fort Hall Police Department about their officer who was dragged by Pongah’s car but has not received a response.

At the time of his arrest, Pongah had multiple outstanding warrants.

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