Local girl spends birthday raising money in honor of uncle

SHELLEY – For most children, birthdays are about gifts, ice cream, and candles on a birthday cake. But, not Emmie French. 

Emmie celebrated her birthday on May 26, by giving back to the foundation that was there for her uncle while he was living.

Her birthday wish was to honor her uncle Cory French, who had Downs Syndrom. Eastern Idaho Syndrome Family Connect helped Corey and his family while he was living. Cory recently passed away. 

“They really helped Cory a lot,” Emmie’s mother, Hannah French said.

Emmie set up a lemonade stand in front of Cox’s Honey for several hours and then donated all of the profits from her adventure to the Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Foundation.  She raised more than $1,600. 

“We are so thankful for her.  She is such a ray of sunshine, and she is always thinking of others,” Hannah said.  “Emmie’s birthday is three days before her Uncle Cory’s birthday, so they are birthday buddies. As a family, we celebrated both their birthdays at the same time. ”

Lemonade stand flyer | Hannah French
Emmie holds up her lemonade stand sign. | Hannah French
Emmie at her lemonade stand. | Hannah French
Emmie’s donation to Eastern Idaho Down Syndrome Foundation. | Hannah French


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