New orthodontic office replacing old Pizza Hut

SHELLEY – It isn’t tacos, it isn’t pizza, but it will give you a great smile – Shelley’s old Pizza Hut building goes orthodontic. 

With two new orthodontic offices and a dental office on Fir St. in Shelley, the street could be aptly named “dental row.” Shelley now has two dentist offices, River Valley Dental on Fir St. and Stone Ridge Dental on Anderson St. With Adventure Orthodontic opening soon on the corner of Fir and State St, Shelley will also have two orthodontic offices, Adventure Orthodontics and Mooso orthodontics also on Fir St.

Dr. Layne McCord, DMD, MS. of Adventure Orthodontics, recently purchased the old Pizza Hut building at 498 South State St, in Shelley. Until the new office opens, McCord is operating his Shelley practice out of Stoneridge Dental on Anderson St.  His main office is at 1943 Madison Avenue, in Idaho Falls. 

“We are bringing our practice to the patients for their convenience,” McCord said.  “We don’t have a hard date set to open, but we will open this Fall.”

Dr. Matt McCoy, DDS, MS, is an associate orthodontist with Dr. McCord. They also operate satellite offices in Pocatello and Victor. 

Dr. Mooso’s Office. Photo by Community Pioneer

Dr. Bret Mooso recently opened a satellite office in the Brolium’s Grocery Store parking lot in the same unit where Dr. John Stohl operated Shelley Dental before it closed. 

Like McCord, Mooso also has a main office in Idaho Falls at 1530 East Elk Creek. 

Dr. Josh Murphy, also an orthodontist, joined Mooso’s practice last Fall. Mooso also maintains satellite offices in Rigby, Victor, and Jackson Hole. 

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