Shelley Supporters of the Arts announces winners of gingerbread building contest

SHELLEY — It is the Shelley Supporters of the Arts proud pleasure to announce the winners of the gingerbread building contest we sponsored in December.

Honorable Mention: Jimmy Carter $10

3rd Place: Daisy Johnson $25

2nd Place: Lida Johnson $50

1st Place: the Goodworth Family $100

This was an extremely hard contest to judge considering how hard everyone worked and how beautifully talented and original all the participants were. We would like to invite anyone who has the slightest bit of connection to Bingham and Bonneville counties to join us next year. Just make sure you bring your imaginations, because we have some hard cookies to crack.

All of us here at the Shelley Supporters of the Arts would like to thank you all who participated. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Lisa Clements

Shelley Supporters of the Arts Secretary

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