Bingham County Sheriff’s Log: June 9-16

This log is only a partial report of all incidences reported to the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office. It contains only those incidences that occur in northern Bingham County. The Sheriff’s Department handles dozens of emergency calls each week, deploying police, fire, and medical services in this area. Names and specific addresses have been omitted. These statements below materially represent the information in each report with only grammatical changes for flow and clarity. The following is a list of most of the incidents reported and responded to by Bingham County Deputies between June 9 through June 16.

June 9

 6:39 a.m.        Request Assistance – A person southwest of Woodville requested to speak to a deputy regarding his medical alarm malfunctioning and is concerned about someone responding.    

8:06 a.m.         Request Assistance – A caller reported a motorhome on their property with an out-of-state license plate. It must have come from Exit 108 of I-15. 

6:20 p.m.         Open Container – A driver of a white Dodge truck on southbound I-15 at mile marker 104 was cited for having an open container after being reported swerving and speeding. 

10:03 p.m.       Traffic Complaint – A caller east of Shelley reported a Gold Chev Equinox was in and out of traffic.  They also reported that the passage has been hanging out of the window vomiting. 

10:59 p.m.       Traffic Complaint – A caller reported that a male driver was speeding through the construction zone north of Shelley.   They no longer had a visual on the truck.  

11:32 p.m.       Traffic Complaint – A caller on State Street in Shelley reported a semi was speeding, unable to maintain its lane, and nearly rear-ended the caller at Brolium’s.

June 10

12:24 a.m.       Reckless Driver – Large fight near Rocky Mountain Power, in Shelley.  Individual(s) cited.  No further details were given.

2:46 p.m.         Wanted Subject – Male and female screaming at each other in Woodville Townsite.   The subject was arrested. 

9:44 p.m.         Welfare Check – An individual in the Woodville Townsite reported her sister-in-law was intoxicated and not in her right mind.  She is calling people and harassing them as well as the caller.  She is demanding money and threatening them.  The caller said there are four children in the home.   

June 11

3:50 p.m.         Traffic Complaint – A caller on US Highway 91 in Firth reported a Gray Toyota pickup could not maintain its lane of travel. 

7:56 p.m.         A person in Firth reported his ex-wife was continually sending him harassing text messages.  

10:40 p.m.       Harassment – A person who lives somewhere in Firth reported they did not know their address, could not find a piece of mail to tell them what their address was, and did not want to wake up her friend to find out.  But, she said she keeps getting text messages from her ex-boyfriend, and she would like it to stop. 

June 12

7:01 a.m.         A caller east of Shelley reported a pickup pulling some type of equipment heading toward Shelley could not keep their lane of travel. 

3:15 p.m.         Malicious Injury to Property – A caller southwest of  Shelley reported that the back passenger side window of their 2006 Subaru Legacy had been broken out during the night.  Nothing appeared to be stolen from the vehicle.

 8:53 p.m.        Animal complaint – A caller reported they had been bitten by a dog in the Firth River Bottoms.

June 13

6:53 a.m.         Animal Complaint  – A caller in the Goshen area reported two black cows on the loose and wandering along the shoulder.  The owner was unknown. 

2:01 p.m.         Animal Complaint – An individual northwest of  Goshen reported their neighbor’s dogs were barking and howling.  The caller would like to be contacted by a deputy. 

June 14

2:34 a.m.         A caller in Wolverine Canyon reported a black passenger car appeared to have hit a fence post, and the horn was honking.  They could see its hazard lights going.     No one was around the vehicle.  

11:00 a.m.       Fraud – An individual northwest of Goshen reported that over $300 was scammed from his bank account. 

1:02 p.m.         Animal Complaint – Lost – A person northwest of Goshen reported their male Brindle-colored mix Lab was missing.  It had an orange collar and a shock collar.  It has been missing since last  Saturday.  

5:05 p.m.         Abandoned Vehicle – A caller at North Bingham County Park reported that a white Honda Accord had been parked there for several days.  

June 15

12:06 a.m.       Disturbing the Peace – A caller reported having fought with several teenagers at a home southwest of Shelley.  They did not want to press charges. 

12:58 p.m.       Prowler – An individual west of Shelley reported that she heard a loud bang around 3:30 a.m. earlier that morning, as if someone tripped on something in the yard.  The caller stated that when she got in her vehicle to go to work, a homeless lady was knocking on her window and pointing at the driveway. 

3:06 p.m.         Animal Complaint – Found – An individual on W. Oak in Shelley reported there was a Goldendoodle in her yard this morning for an hour and a half, humping her kids and chasing the cat.  It had a shock collar on it but no tags. 

4:37 p.m.         Request Assistance – A caller had his car parked at Exit 108 on I-15 around 7:1 this morning.  A computer has been stolen out of the vehicle.  He does not believe anything else was taken. 

5:00 p.m.         Animal Complaint – A person from Firth reported her cat was shot with a blowgun dart.  She believes it was the children who live down the road. 

9:06 p.m.         A person living west of Shelley reported that a white pickup truck with a license number had been parked at the end of their driveway for several days.  They have not seen anyone around it.  However, it needs to be moved as they are getting asphalt this week. 

June 16

5:37 a.m.         Request Assistance – A person northwest of Shelley requested to speak with a deputy regarding someone tampering with his guns.  He advised that he and his wife were going through a separation and trying to sell their house.  He claimed his wife, son-in-law, and his wife took his guns out of the house.  The caller wanted them back and received all of them yesterday.   However, he feels they intentionally tampered with one of the shotguns.

8:09 a.m.         Animal Complaint – Lost – A person living northeast of Shelley reported she left her male, Great Prianses, out yesterday morning around 9 a.m., and he has not returned.  He is wearing a leather harness but no tags. 

8:57 a.m.         A caller from the Firth River Bottoms stated that a camper with a tan Saturn SUV had been parked there for more than a week.  He would like a deputy to ask them to move it.  He is on the scene.  

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