Firth basketball brings home wins and students support each other

FIRTH — This week at Firth High School, the Cougars achieved victory over South Fremont, and students are engaged in 100 Acts of Kindness.

Girl’s Basketball had three planned games this week. On Tuesday, Dec. 8, The Firth Cougars faced South Fremont. After suffering two losses, one from Aberdeen and one from Butte, the Firth Cougars came out strong, leading 20-13 at halftime, and retained that lead, winning 37-31.

“We definitely needed the win after two losses. We worked well together and were able to get a lot of inside-outside looks,” said Nicole Mckinnon, a senior on Firth’s Basketball team.

The Firth Cougars planned to face the Malad Dragons on Dec. 10, but the game was canceled due to players on Malad’s team testing positive for COVID-19. The Cougars will go up against Bear Lake at 7:30 tonight.

Boy’s Basketball also had a good week. On Wednesday, Dec. 9, The Cougars faced the Malad Dragons. They were up 24-11 at halftime and crushed the Dragons with an end score of 48-26.

“They played really well. We missed some easy shots, but defense did great,” Firth basketball coach Scott Adams said.

On Friday, the Firth Cougars faced Aberdeen. It was a tough game, but the team finished strong, winning with a score of 46-36.

Outside of basketball, Firth students have been focusing on supporting each other.

Throughout the month of December, Firth’s Sources of Strengths chapter is doing an activity called 100 Acts of Kindness. Around Firth High School are three posters, each with 100 Christmas themed spaces.

When a student completes an act of kindness, they place a paper Christmas light with the act written on it in one of the empty spaces on the posters. The goal is to fill all three posters, and after only a few days of being up, they are already filling quickly.

Sources of Strength is a nation-wide suicide prevention organization. The group uses peer leaders to identify and address issues inside of schools.

Firth High School’s librarian, Marsha Ivy, is one of the advisors for Sources of Strength. She said she’s very excited and thinks this will help spread the holiday spirit.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of this article, Mia Wanstrom, is a senior at Firth High School.

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