LIVE: Shelley Planning and Zoning holds public hearing on increasing the lot sizes for residential developments

SHELLEY — Beginning at 7:30 p.m. at Shelley City Hall, the Planning and Zoning board will hear from the public on increasing the minimum lot size in new residential developments.

At the July 27, City Council meeting, the council shot down plans for the Fox Crossing, 375 home, subdivision on the east end of East Center St. The council made the decision amid complaints that the planned development was too dense; the lot sizes were too small and homes were too close together.

The plans for the Fox Crossing subdivision met the city’s current minimum requirements for home size, lot size and spacing. Because the development plans complied with the City’s ordinances, Planning and Zoning approved the plans and sent them to the City Council where they were ultimately voted down.

However, at the beginning of July, while the Fox Crossing plans were still being drawn up, the City Council had asked Planning and Zoning to increase the size requirements for residential developments.

At tonight’s meeting, Planning and Zoning will decide whether or not to increase those size requirements. The specific areas Planning ad Zoning will consider amending are:

  • Street-side setback for garages facing the street from the side of the home.
  • Minimum two-car garage sizing.
  • Single-family dwelling minimum lot size.
  • Single-family dwelling minimum lot width.
  • Width of driveways from the garage to the street.
  • Requiring subdivisions have secondary irrigation systems.
  • Amending the review period for subdivision improvement drawings from ten to thirty days if not submitted with preliminary plat.

Also on tonight’s agenda, the Planning and Zoning board will consider extending multiple special use permits and discuss Air B&B regulations.

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