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Shelley School district asks patrons to fill out a survey on failed bond

SHELLEY:  Shelley School District Superintendent Chad Williams is asking school patrons to complete the survey on the failed high school bond to figure out why it failed.


On November 7, an election was held to bond a new high school. The bond failed to pass by a margin of 48.49% (944 votes) in favor to 51.61% (1007 votes) against. After the election, the building committee gathered to discuss the failed bond measure.

“Our building committee met several weeks ago and speculated why they thought the voters voted against it but were unsure. So they sent a survey out at the beginning of last week asking everyone to tell us why they voted no or why their neighbors voted no,” Superintendent Chad Williams said. “One frustration I have is when we sent out several surveys before the election that don’t correlate with the election results. What 1951 voters said was completely opposite of what my surveys said.”

The recent bond election brought out 42% of the voters. This election was the largest participation by voters in a school bond levy.  

The school districts will take the survey results and reconvene toward the end of January and decide how to move forward,” Williams said. “Immediately, we plan to move the school board room to the high school library to have an additional kindergarten room. We will have room in our schools for the next three years. After that, particularly at Hobbs Middle School, we must add either a floating teacher or modular classrooms.”

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