Landslide victories for both incumbent candidates

SHELLEY — Election night brought a resounding victory for Shelley’s incumbent candidates.

Shelley voters cast a total of 564 ballots in the mayor and city council races, reelecting Mayor Stacy Pascoe for a third term and reelecting recently appointed city councilman Jeff Kelley.

Pascoe received just under 75 percent of the vote and Kelley brought in 77 percent of the vote.

“I truly appreciate Lorin running so I had the opportunity to get out and talk to more people,” Pascoe told Community Pioneer. “I am very impressed with the number of people that came out to vote.”

Lorin Croft congratulated Pascoe and Kelley on their wins.

Election results | Courtesy Bingham County Elections

“I would like to thank my opponent, Sharylee Shanks, for running against me. As I have said, I feel it is crucial for anyone running for public office to have an opponent. I appreciate her time and effort in this campaign,” Kelley said.

Shanks congratulated Kelley on his win and said she is grateful to him for being honest and fair in the campaign.

“(I’m) excited to see what gets accomplished in the next few years. Thank you for a great experience,” Shanks said.

She said only time will tell if she decides to run for office again in the future.

With the election behind them, Pascoe and Kelley said they are ready to get to work. One of their major priorities is to create a sewer district to replace the East Idaho Regional Wastewater Authority.

“I will support the continual need for the city to be more efficient and cost-effective. In the long run, I believe a sewer district will improve the efficiencies of our sewage treatment and, therefore, the cost of our sewer,” Kelley said.

Pascoe said he believes creating a sewer district will save the people of Shelley money when it comes time to upgrade the sewage treatment plant.

“We’re trying to save money for the citizens of Shelley,” Pascoe said.

Pascoe, Kelley and the rest of the City Council have been visiting Shelley residents asking them to sign a petition to put the sewer district on the May ballot. They need around 300 signatures.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this article was published before Lorin Croft issued a statement on the outcome of the election. Croft has since issued a statement on the morning of Nov. 3. This article has been updated to reflect that.

Mike Price

Mike Price is an award winning journalist from Shelley. He is now one of the founding members and Editor-in-Chief of the Community Pioneer.

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