Shelley High School Key Club end of year review

AUTHOR: Kassidy Payne, SHS Senior, Key Club Representative

SHELLEY — The Shelley Kiwanis Key Club was very busy this school year. Despite the rough year our community had in 2020, they wanted to ensure that traditions and service opportunities were still successful like always. The Key Club President for this year was Nathan Ball (Junior).

Starting with the week of Spud Day, Key Club members helped paint storefront windows in the Shelley Russet spirit. These painted windows lined main street and added to the awesome week that our town had. The Key Club members also prepared and handed out baked potatoes at Spud Days (A huge Shelley tradition). Some of the members that participated in these service opportunities include Quindy Nelson, Delanie Foster, and Logan Williams.

Next, the Key Club was able to host a Food Drive. Members sorted cans of food as well as scouted for food. Anastasia Taylor was a proud participant of this event. In the winter, the Goodfellow Drive took place. Starting with ringing the bell at Broulims in Shelley, there were many students that volunteered to help to raise money in order to buy boxes of food. Maylee Murdoch helped with this event. After the Key Club had raised $5,000 + for food, they took part in organizing and putting together food boxes to deliver to those in need. Brinley Barrow was a huge help in this event.

Valentine’s Week came and it was a fun week at the highschool. The Key Club wrote lots of Valentine messages for students. Jason Hess attached treats to handout during passing periods in the hallway.

Safe Driving Week is always a busy week for the Key Club. The whole week is focused on educating students about the importance of safe driving. One big event that took place was a mock car accident. The Shelley Police Department, Firth and Shelley Fire Department, Hunter Hornof, Natalie Bolander, and Alayna Andersen made this possible. This “accident” taught students all about the serious consequences of distracted driving. Other activities during this week included decorating driving posters for the school, homeroom and lunch time activities, and the “Ghosted” safe driving assembly.

Lastly, the Key Club was able to put on the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Shelley Park. Big thanks to Miss Russet Tenlee Williams and our easter bunny, Katelyn Anderson. This event is always a hit for the little kids and is anticipated all year.

The Key Club is so lucky to be supported by an awesome community! Thank you for letting us serve all school year! We encourage students to come and be a part of this club in high school as well as the opportunities that come from it.


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